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Who we are?


Our team of expert mortgage advisers will compare the best mortgage deals and find the right one tailored for you. You can chat with, call or email your adviser at any time. Most importantly, our services are totally free of charge!

Why Primemortgage?

We know what our customers need. Purchasing a home in Hong Kong is always expensive with the cost following through.

Partnering with 20+ financial institutions in Hong Kong, we are able to compare and offer the Best Mortgage Plan with the LOWEST INTEREST RATE and HIGHEST REBATE that suit your need.


What Services do we offer

1. Free mortgage advice for First time property buyer

If you are a first time property in Hong Kong, the maximum loan-to-value ratio you are eligible for is 80% to 90%.This scheme is available for properties at 19.2million HKD or below.

2. Free Stress-Test Consultant Service

Stress-test is an income scheme to calculate the maximum borrowing power of a mortgager. To precisely knowing how much to you are able to borrow, speak to our mortgage specialists.

3. Refinancing your property

Refinance your mortgage from original bank to another bank with the following benefits. Expand your mortgage tenor to reduce monthly instalments, swith to a bank with better interest rate and earn cash rebate up to 1.5% of your mortgage amount.

4. Cash Out Refinancing

If you are looking to finance your other investments, cash out refinancing might be a option for you as mortgage has a longer tenor up to 30 years and interest rates as low as 1.6%.

4. Free Property Valuation

Knowing your property valuation is always an important step before making any mortgage decisions. As there might be chances that banks will not approve your loan if the valuation is too high or too low. Speak to us to get the most updated valuation of the property you are intend to purchase or refinance.

How do you apply your mortgage through Primemortgage?

5 Fast and easy steps

Step 1

Speak to our Mortgage Advisor to get the latest best mortgage rates.

Step 2

Fill in online application referral form.

Step 3

Our specialists will then speak to you to confirm with your application.

Step 4

Mortgage bankers will contact you directly to collect your application forms and supporting documents.

Step 5

Sit back and wait for the approved result!


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